Christine's Closet,

Part 9: An Extraordinary Find!



Remember Christine Burton, the thrify fashionista regularly featured on the Western Territory’s Expect Change blog?

She’s back for the first time in 2012 with another great piece she found at her Salvation Army Family Store! And this time, she proves that you might find something at The Salvation Army not found at regular ol’ department stores.

In this case, Christine found a beautiful African gown for only $8! (To find out just why she needed African attire, check out the original post from our friends at Expect Change by clicking here.)

Christine clearly has a great eye for finding second-hand pieces that are just her style. Her #1 secret to finding the best items? Shopping the Salvation Army on a weekly basis. To read all of her tips for effective thrifting, click here!

That $8 she gave in exchange for the dress went directly towards life-saving drug and alcohol rehabilitation in her community. Learn more!


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