Food Pantry Empowers Visitors


The Salvation Army strives to empower the beneficiaries of our programs. For instance, our children’s summer camps are great outdoor escape for kids from low-income families while also offering them opportunities to learn new skills in music and art; our Adult Rehabilitation Centers help men and women recover from drug and alcohol dependency while also providing them with life skills classes so that they are empowered to reenter the work force.

In the same way, The Salvation Army of Portland has empowered visitors to their food pantry.  Thanks to a generous $9,800 grant from LIFE Center Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, clients who would normally stop by the pantry for a box of food can now shop and select what foods they most need in their household.


A volunteer helps a client pick out canned goods.



This process includes a face-to-face meeting with the Social Services Director who helps them write up a grocery list based on size and nutritional needs of the family. The new system promotes dignity, individual choice and responsibility.


A good shopping guide!


“For Years, we have wanted to create a more welcoming environment for our clients,” says Jackie Campbell, Social Services Director at The Salvation Army Moore Street Community & Worship Center. “Clients feel empowered as they get to make their own choices as to what food items are the most important to them.”

Check more photos of the innovative food pantry below!


Choosing meat from the freezer.


Carb rack!






Volunteers help stock the shelves so they are ready for clients.



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