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Guest blogger Kendra Ketter Chavis is a speaker and Christian Lifestyle blogger ( & whose work focuses on using media and creative engagement to make God a more relatable and desirable presence in the lives of youth and young adults. Through the church, work with young sex trafficking survivors, multimedia access and as a member of Princeton Theological Seminary's incoming class, her focus is to always do her part in "changing the world for GOOD...because we can."

My love for beautiful, odd things – particularly clothes – began as a small kid.

Growing up, my mother would spend endless hours at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. “Sally’s” was what my mother called her “special place.”  We would often grow bored waiting in the car, becoming restless knowing there were only so many shirts, books and toys one could rifle through in one visit.

Still, the excitement of her findings was always something extraordinary for me.  As I grew a little older, these trips became something special…in my eyes it was our little thing that I didn’t have to share with my six siblings because they lost interest.  Just as exciting as my mother’s findings at The Salvation Army were the awesome shirts, skirts and dresses she would bring home. At least once a week, we knew we would have something from the boutique she just couldn’t stay away from. I suppose we all have a habit like this.

One day in my early teen years, my mother and I were in The Salvation Army Thrift Store per usual – on a hunt for that perfect fit for my ever-changing fashion taste which had grown about as much as I had over the years.  Suddenly, WAIT.  I look around the women’s section.  I look around the store.  This was it.  This was Sally’s!  This was the “special place” from my childhood!

I remember giggling at the revelation, suddenly feeling so silly for being that unaware.  This was the famous Sally’s.  I didn’t say anything to my mother about this revelation until many years later.  But that day changed me.  It made me realize the beauty of having dignity in who you are, no matter where you come from or what you have.

And we didn’t have a ton.  I never really knew it.  My parents had this beautifully brilliant way of making us feel like we were constantly wrapped in blessings and to never look down on those that appear to have any less.  That day in Sally’s taught me not only the humor and comfort of a mother, but it taught me to be grateful for every single thing God brings our way without regard to silly things like label or location.


Beauty is beauty.  God’s blessings are God’s blessings and my mother is amazing.

The Salvation Army Thrift Stores support incredible, life-changing work in the United States and around the world.  If you have an eye for style or just love beautiful things, get there today!  Show a little love & support to Sally’s.  Also, join me as I share my adventures in life lessons & God’s love on & my upcoming Salvation Army Style Adventures on coming June 2012.
Be great!
-Kendra Ketter Chavis
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