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Don't Regret the Tests You've Passed



Kendra Ketter Chavis is a speaker, Christian lifestyle blogger and regular guest blogger for The Salvation Army. Check out the links below to read more from her!
You can easily spend your whole life wondering how and why God "let" you fall. You can get upset with yourself, have all the questions in the world and come up with most of the answers but still never get to a place where you can change the past. Let's face it, we all make mistakes - sometimes big ones. But as I said recently, trying to change the past is like begging a fish to won't happen and you just go crazy in the process. Here's a simple thought that will allow you to power forward and never look back:
Growth is in learning to move from a place of "regret" into a place of "testimony".

Regret tells you that your drinking problem destroyed your family. Testimony comes from a place of repentance; it tells you that though you could have had one drink too many and been killed in an accident or by liver disease, you're still here and your story can stop the next person from that last deadly drink. Regret says you've been with too many people. Testimony says you were looking for love in all the wrong places but found it when you sought the source of it all - God. The thing is, regret keeps you quiet and testimony changes lives. The enemy would rather shame us into silence and never allow us to be the light someone else is looking for in their place of shame. Don't stay in that black hole. It's a trap.

The Salvation Army and its Rehabilitation Centers around the world do good by refusing to allow those in a place of regret to stay there alone. Their work is powerful because it takes men and women by the hand everyday and pulls them from regret to testimony. It proves there's a story to tell and an opportunity to change for the better without going back or going crazy trying. The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers are supported by the clothing and goods donations of people like you that know what it's like to regret, but want to do their part in growing to testimonies. Let's grow together. Sex, drugs, alcohol, words, jobs, friends...we can't take them back or reverse the way we've handled them, but let's grow the way God wants for us all and never regret again.

Kendra is inviting you to join her at the Marietta Street location of The Salvation Army in Atlanta, GA on July 28th for an event she's hosting called "How to Be Styled at Sally's".
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