Passion for Faith and Fashion Lead 




Sarah Kincaid is an inspiring woman. Her passion for fashion and immense love for God led her to fulfilling career at The Salvation Army.

Since childhood, Sarah was hooked on the fashions industry. While in college for fashion merchandising and management she worked at a trendy retail chain store.  While it was enjoyable work, she began to feel uncertain about selling low-cost items for higher prices.

And like most of us have felt at some point in our lives, she questioned if she was on the right path.  While her love of fashion had not changed, she wanted to honor God in her day-to-day work by serving others.

After accepting a a job at The Salvation Army’s Central Territorial Headquarters in Des Plaines, III, Sarah finally felt her work allowed her to stay true to her faith and help others.

Sarah currently oversees nine of The Salvation Army’s Family Stores in Chicago which have an emphasis on providing a higher-end thrift store experience. All of these stores benefit The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center onChicago’s North Side, III.

Sarah has found spiritual fulfillment in her work by combining her skills and passion while helping so many in need.

Read the full article, “Finding Fulfillment in Fashion” from The Salvation Army Eastern Territory’s Priority Magazine online.

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