3 Reasons Why You Should Thrift

Your Way to Prom!



It’s prom season!

A big concern for prom-goers this time of year - other than finding the dress or getting the courage to ask that one person - is the cost.

According to USA Today, prom spending has averaged out to be $1078 per person. Yes, you read that correctly.

This is why donation drop-offs like The Salvation Army’s Family Stores can be a great source for affordable prom dresses and other attire. Who says your prom shopping experience has to stop at a department store?

Here are 3 reasons to shop for your outfit at a Salvation Army Family Store:




1)   Be Unique!
Let’s be honest, for most girls, the idea of showing up to prom and spotting someone else in the SAME dress is terrifying.  So why not seek to be unique? Visit one of our Family Stores! You never know what you might find, but you can be certain you won’t see the same dress at the event.

2)   Rock the Vintage
Vintage clothing is all the rage these days. With some inspiration from fellow thrifters on Pinterest, a few bucks for cleaning and alterations, you'll have a unique piece that fits like a glove.  

3)   Save Money!
It took me a few years to bid adieu to my prom dresses, but eventually I realized, why would I ever need sparkles and poof post-prom? Many people who donate to thrift stores are giving away clothes they’ve worn only a handful of times, which ups your chances of finding a formal gown for approximately $30 or less. And there is no better feeling than looking amazing and knowing you spent so little on it! Also, all of your leftover money can be used for funding the miscellaneous expenditures like make-up, hair styling, limo, or a boutonnière for your date   

4)   Support a wonderful program!
Here’s the best part about shopping Salvation Army: Our Adult Rehabilitation Centers, which offer life-saving drug and alcohol counseling, are funded by your purchases and donated goods.

There you have it — a few reasons to save money on prom. For a list of stores near you, visit http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/www_usn_2.nsf.

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