Salvation Army Summer Feeding Programs

Combat Child Hunger


Photo credit: The Salvation Army Milwaukee County


Summer break means so many different things to children- fun, freedom and time with friends and family. But for some kids, the end of the school year means saying goodbye to school feeding programs which provide children with at least one solid meal each day.

The Salvation Army has multiple feeding programs specifically geared towards children, such as the "Feed the Kids" program at The Salvation Army of Milwaukee and La Cross, WI. Each summer, volunteers of this program prepare and distribute nutritious sacked lunches to children in need at various locations, including parks, streets, and playgrounds.

The well-balanced lunches usually consist of a sandwich, milk, fruit and snack.


Photo credit: The Salvation Army Milwaukee County


Photo credit: The Salvation Army Milwaukee County


With the support of volunteers and area food suppliers, the "Feed the Kids" Summer Lunch Program feeds hundreds of children a day, with the cost per meal averaging about 62 cents.

Last year, volunteers in Milwaukee packaged over 90,000 lunches and contributed more than 4,000 hours of volunteer time to the program. 



Photo credit: The Salvation Army Milwaukee County


Feed the Kids runs through August. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your local Salvation Army for details. Volunteers are needed to make the lunches Monday to Friday.

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