New York Students give thanks to Target


As summer comes to an end and we prepare to embark into fall, we would like to once again acknowledge our wonderful partnership with Target for another successful year of our Back-to-School Shopping spree.

12,000 underprivileged students were treated this summer to a very memorable Back-to School-Shopping spree for supplies, clothing and other must-have items in preparation for the new academic year.  Target awarded The Salvation Army $1 million donation to cover gift cards and transportation costs.

The Salvation Army in Tarrytown, NY was given the exciting opportunity to bring children from their community to Target this month to shop for much needed new school supplies Please check out this sweet video -courtesy of The Salvation Army’s Eastern Territory.



THANK YOU to Target for making this event so memorable and rewarding for the children and for all those involved, including the many volunteers who took the time to help make this event unforgettable.

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