Giving in any circumstance.

Giving for a better world.


Nearly 4.2 million Americans rely on The Salvation Army during the holidays to provide their families with a warm meal or toys for children on Christmas Day.


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I’ll never forget the day. It was 2001, and my wife and I were serving on behalf of The Salvation Army in Haiti. The Army had plans to help build a new school for a remote mountain village, so we made the trip to meet with the community and about 150 schoolchildren there. It was a poor village full of mostly subsistence farmers. In almost every way, it was a prime example of a place that needed our help.

When we arrived at the school, we were greeted by the schoolchildren who, to our surprise, were extending gifts of their own – bags of fruits and vegetables – with beaming smiles across their faces. Their families, many of whom barely had enough to eat, had sent these children with fruits and vegetables out of the pure goodness of their hearts to thank us for what we were doing for them.

That moment has been my most profound memory of service with the Army. When they needed our help the most, these families chose to give. We didn’t ask for anything. Instead, out of their meager resources, they wanted to share with us. They reinforced the belief long held by The Salvation Army that we were all created to serve each other, no matter the circumstance.

If we all came together in that way – to give our time, our talents and our treasures to one another– we could solve some of the greatest problems facing our world today. Giving Tuesday is a step in this direction. It reminds us that in any situation, we can choose to share with others and make a difference, there’s no excuse.

This Giving Tuesday, I invite you to find a way to make an impact in your community. The Salvation Army offers a number of these opportunities, big or small.  Donate online or to the more than 25,000 bell ringers located across the country, or serve meals, sort toys and volunteer at your local Salvation Army. Share your personal reasons for giving using #RedKettleReason and see what others across the country are saying on

With your help, The Salvation Army is able to serve nearly 30 million people in the US each year, providing 60 million meals, 10 million nights of shelter and many other services to those who need them. When you choose to give this Giving Tuesday, whether to The Salvation Army or in some other way, you help us do the most good and make the world a better place.

Merry Christmas. Happy giving. And Happy Giving Tuesday,

Lieutenant Colonel Ron Busroe, Community Relations and Development Secretary for The Salvation Army’s National Headquarters



Lt. Col. Ron Busroe

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