Calling All Summer Campers


Summer camp has already begun, so why not join in on the fun? Camp gives children the chance to be a kid and have fun. For anyone lucky enough to have experienced it, you have an understanding of the memories created, from hiking to swimming, to telling stories around the fire and building lasting friendships!

The Salvation Army’s summer camps give campers of varying ages the chance to explore the outdoors away from home. Camp can last for a few days or up to a week, and campers participate in a variety of activities including hiking, boating, playing tennis or basketball or just lounging around in the sun and talking with friends.

Last year, almost 200,000 children attended The Salvation Army’s summer and day camps. Our programs provide children from low-income families with a life-changing experience in the outdoors, where many are introduced to Christ for the first time in their lives, and where they will be nurtured and encouraged.

“The Salvation Army camping program changes lives,” said Captain Jimmy Taylor of Camp Happy Land. “We bring children from all walks of life to an environment that offers them experiences that many cannot get at home. Through our spiritual development programs, outdoor recreation, swimming and interactive night programs, we get the opportunity to see our campers lives become transformed and see many develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.”





Camp Happy Land, located in Richardsville, VA, offers swimming, fishing, camping, boating, and games that focus on teamwork and fellowship. The campers also learn valuable new skills from their counselors. Last year, over 500 children participated in the camp’s various programs.

Looking for a camp nearby you? Find locations and learn more about Salvation Army camps here. You can also find information about these programs by contacting your local Salvation Army (search by zip code here).

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