Salvation Army Relief Teams Continue

Serving Communities of Nepal


The Salvation Army continues its vital response in communities in and around Kathmandu still reeling from the massive earthquake that struck the region in April, leaving almost 9,000 dead and 2.8 million in need of assistance.

Over the last three months, The Salvation Army’s hands on the ground have included two Salvation Army officers who reside in Nepal, 15 deployed international personnel, and more than 50 local and international volunteers.

In thanks to  donors and  partnerships with  Mountain Child,  Child Heaven, Child Nepal, Powerful Hands, and Volunteers Initiative  Nepal (VIN), The Salvation Army relief team has so far assisted  more than 100,000 individuals affected by the earthquakes through  the distribution of food, tarps, tents, quilts, tools, hygiene items,  cleaning supplies, and educational stationary.



The magnitude-7.8 earthquake of April 25 destroyed 591,647 homes  and 35,986 classrooms in the Kathmandu community. Funding from  The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) supported the  development of temporary housing and learning centers.

“I am impressed with the perseverance and hard work of Nepalis of various backgrounds and living situations as they recover from the debasing losses of the earthquake,” said Betsy Baldwin, Disaster Technical Advisor for SAWSO who is currently serving in Nepal. “By partnering with VIN and providing materials, tools and safety equipment, we are assisting with rebuilding transitional shelters and helping the community get back to a state of normalcy and prepare for winter.”




The Salvation Army also distributed approximately 3,700 tarps and 881 tents to community members needing covered living space and temporary learning spaces while homes and schools are reconstructed.

“We give thanks to those who have offered prayers, partnerships, and monetary support to The Salvation Army, allowing our team of relief workers the strength and capacity to meet the most pressing needs of these communities in need,” said Lt. Colonel Thomas Bowers, Executive Director for SAWSO. “We ask for continued prayers for the people of Nepal.”

With a long-standing presence of service in Nepal, The Salvation Army will continue meeting the needs of Nepalis long after relief efforts are accomplished.

The Salvation Army has set up a designated fund for relief efforts in Nepal.* To give, visit or call (). Check donations to Salvation Army World Service Office (designate “Nepal Earthquake”) can be sent to:

International Relief Fund

P.O. Box 418558

Boston, MA 02241-8558

In-kind donations are not being accepted.


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